How To Assign a BYOD Service Level to Patient–DOB

As a Care Team member, to assign a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) Service Level to a patient in the Care Team Portal:

  1. On the Patients page, click a patient. In the Patient Profile panel, click + Add Service Level.

    The Service Level dialog box appears.

  1. In the Service Level list, click BYOD.

  1. In the Phone box, type the patient's mobile phone number (unless it was added automatically).

  2. In the Birth Date box, type the patient's date of birth or use the calendar (unless it was added automatically).
  1. Click OK.

    Note: The Phone and Birth Date fields are automatically populated if these values are entered in the Patient Profile.

    The BYOD service level appears in the Patient Header and in the first panel of the Patient Profile. The Direct Entry tab is also enabled.

    The patient is added to the Invites page.

    The patient receives a text message on their mobile phone, inviting them to select the link to sign up for and participate in BYOD monitoring. See the Patient Experience – BYOD Service Level (DOB or PIN) for an explanation of the patient experience, starting with the receipt of the text message.

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Published: October 2018 v5.6